Program FAQ


Q. How long will the program last?

  • A. We offer a 3 month summer internship, two 5 month semester internships or one 12 month intership in which the students will be able to choose the program that is most suited to their schedule.


Q. How many hours a week will be expected from an intern?

  • A. The Internship will be a full time job. Therefore 40 hours a week will be required from the interns. In some cases, such as with high school students, we might accept an intern for 10 hours a week.





Q. What compensation will be given to the intern?

  • A. Housing, bedding and meals will all be provided from families within our church body. 


Q. What will the Interns need?

  • A. the intern will be required to have a car in order to get to and from the church, events and other church related functions.



Pastoral Ministry


  • Time Commitment: 40 hours per week
  • Supervision: Lead pastor at respective campus


FCC's Pastoral ministry is a great way for prospective pastors to learn more about the basics of the pastoral duties. You will be learning how to teach and lead a congregation while also learning the backgroung work of study, pastoral care and discipleship. 

You will have the opportunity to shadow and work beside multiple pastors here on staff, while learning more about what being called to ministry is truly about. This is one opportunity that you won't want to pass up!






Student Ministry


  • Time Commitment: 40 hours per week
  • Supervision: Student Pastor at respective campus


The student ministry at FCC is a great place to

gain valuable, hands on experience with students, parents, and other youth leaders. In this program you will learn to teach, program. counsel and lead a student ministry while working side by side with the student pastors. 

In addition to the large group structure, you will also be attending and leading life groups for High School, Middle School and College age students allowing you to grow closer with a select group of students within our ministry. This program offers amazing hands on experience that you cannot miss out on!





Worship Arts Ministry


  • Time Commitment: 40 hours per week
  • Supervision: Worship Leader at respective campus


FCC's Worship Arts ministry is a multi-faceted ministry that extends past Sunday morning music. This program's vision is to teach and exemplify God-worship through various creative art forms such as song/music, painting, drama, lighting, stage design, and other forms of creative expression that enhance the worship encounter and build each other up to glorify God in our everyday lives.

In this program you will gain valuable, hands on experience and knowledge as you are given the opportunity to assist in service planning, leading worship sets and/or rehearsals, teaching devotionals, learning about sound, lighting, and video equipment, volunteer recruitment, and other various leadership aspects to worship ministry.




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